The largest diabetic population in the world is located in China. In 2015, it was estimated that the number of people with diabetes in China was 109.6 million. To put that in perspective approximately 29.3 million people in the United States were estimated to have diabetes in 2015.

Why is this important?

Diabetes is a global epidemic. The top ten nations in the world leading the way in total numbers of diabetics are:

  1. China
  2. India
  3. United States of America
  4. Brazil
  5. Russia
  6. Mexico
  7. Indonesia
  8. Egypt
  9. Japan
  10. Bangladesh

When you combine the number of people with diabetes in these countries it comes to 278.1 million people.

This article was written to show people how widespread the epidemic is; but more importantly to demonstrate how this is not something that is destined to happen. Often people think that their parents or grandparents were diabetic so that means that I will be diabetic. This could not be further from the truth.

At The Metabolism Clinic diabetes in the form of type 2 is known to be a condition of heightened inflammation or an acute inflammatory state that is chronically prolonged. The source of the diabetes is coming from an abnormal metabolism. A metabolism that can no longer properly handle glucose utilization and deposition.

What happens when the glucose utilization and deposition are corrected?

This is the process of diabetes reversal. A process whereby every cell in the body undergoes insulin sensitization. A process whereby a patient that was previously thought to be insulin dependent is no longer dependent upon insulin and is no longer suffering from diabetes.

The Metabolism Clinic is established as the destination for the reversal of diabetes and has become a nationally known clinic with patients traveling from other states to seek the treatment they have always desired to begin with. Patients report over and over again that they want this diagnosis gone and removed from their life.  

The Metabolism Clinic is established as the destination for weight loss and reversal of diabetes. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina.