Diabetes is the single greatest pandemic the world has ever faced. Its prevalence has become a problem worldwide, but what is the effect of this medical condition upon the workplace?


Here we will look at the results of the significant morbidity and premature mortality diabetes has upon the workplace and how diabetes-associated mortality, disability, early retirement, and workplace absenteeism strains the economy.


Diabetes has a devastating effect on the entire body as it causes damage to every cell. The microvascular complications from diabetes make it the leading cause of blindness, end-stage renal disease, and non-traumatic amputations.


Patients with diabetes not only suffer from the day to day difficulties of the disease; but they also suffer financially. Patients with diabetes not only have 2.3x the healthcare expenses as patients without diabetes but they lose significant amounts of income due to early retirement, more sick days, and disability.


In 2012 it was estimated that the cost of diagnosed diabetes was $245 billion with $176 billion in direct medical costs and another $69 billion in reduced productivity as per diabetes.org.


Additional indirect costs included increased absenteeism at a $5 billion expense. Reduced productivity at work $20.8 billion. Inability to work as a result of disease-related disability $21.6 billion. Furthermore, lost productive capacity due to early mortality causes another $18.5 billion expense to the economy.


The most worrisome statistic to take note of is that the estimated economic cost rose by 41% in only 5 years. To complicate matters more diabetes is being diagnosed at a rate of one new diagnosis every 21 seconds. The effects of this disease process are not only cumulative they are exponential.


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