A pandemic is defined as a global disease outbreak. In the past we have referred to major pandemics such as the Spanish influenza that killed 40-50 million people in 1918 (the reason the flu shot is very important every year), Asian influenza that killed 2 million people in 1957, and the most recent pandemic being Zika Virus in 2016. As you can see these examples are infectious disease based.


A new term is now being used to help patients identify themselves at risk of serious health complications. The term is “overfat”. Overfat refers to the presence of excess body fat on the body that can impair the health. The major difference here is that patients can still be “normal weight” but also overfat. Meaning too high of a percent of their body composition is from fat. It was previously believed that carrying excess fat was not ideal. Now we know that excess fat on the body is actively damaging to the overall health of the individual, specifically cardiometabolic dysfunction.


This new type of classification now reveals that 50% of people that are normal weight (not classified as overweight or obese using BMI) carry dangerous amounts of body fat. This new study revealed that the prevalence of overfat population in 30 of the world’s most developed countries is substantially higher than previous global estimations. The discrepancy was attributed to the growing percent of population with excess abdominal fat. In the U.S., Iceland, New Zealand, and Greece greater than 90% of males were classified as overfat.


The dangers of being overfat include higher rates of insulin resistance, chronic inflammation, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, gout, pulmonary disease, sleep apnea, and more.2


To see if you’re at risk for being overfat grab a tape measure and measure your circumference around your waist at the level of your belly button. If this number is more than half of your height you are at risk of being overfat and would benefit from a detailed body composition analysis.

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