Excess weight in the form of fat is a symptom of an abnormal metabolism. It is the result of constant lipogenesis which is the metabolic pathway responsible for creating fat. When this metabolic pathway is perpetuated patients gain weight. The amount of weight gained is proportional to the amount of time a patient’s metabolism spends in the lipogenic state. The weight serves as a visual symptom of this process. It is a symptom or a result because the weight itself is not the main problem. The main problem is the creation of the fat and the perpetuation of the fat stores. Once the fat is created it contributes to worsening of the metabolism by secreting local and systemic inflammatory biomarkers. Traditional weight loss approaches are abysmal in terms of their results because they fail to recognize and understand this basic concept. Trying to treat the weight is equivalent to taking NSAIDs to suppress the joint pain associated with osteoarthritis; the pain may be temporarily relieved but the joint dysfunction remains because the arthritic component is never addressed. Trying to treat the weight is equivalent to transfusing an anemic patient with iron deficiency with units of packed red blood cells. The blood counts temporarily rise but the iron deficiency persists and the formation of red blood cells remains a source of anemia. The problem isn’t lack of blood; it is the lack of iron to make blood. Trying to treat the weight is like giving a patient Tylenol for a fever. The fever is reduced but the underlying infection causing the pneumonia is allowed to persist.

These are basic concepts that traditional weight loss methods, strategies, or clinics fail to understand. The effort is all for nothing when the focus is all on the weight and not on the aspect that controls the weight which is the metabolism.


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