Attention needs to be directed at the often-hidden disclaimer that comes with the use of any weight loss drug. Disclaimer: along with diet, exercise, and behavior modification; drug therapy may be a helpful component of treatment for patients that are overweight or obese. As you can see there are a lot of stipulations that occur with the use of weight loss drugs. The topic of this article is to reveal how futile weight loss drugs are.

To demonstrate the futility we are going to look at a typical case of obesity. Here let’s use the example of a 34-year-old female with no diagnosed medical conditions as of yet; but like so many is looking to lose weight as she is not happy with her appearance, but more importantly she is not happy with how she feels on a daily basis. She is 5 feet and 5 inches tall and her current weight is 197 lbs. At this height and weight her body mass index (BMI) is 32.8 placing her in Class I Obesity (BMI of 30.0-34.9). Now if she were to go to a typical weight loss clinic that prescribes weight loss drugs, what should she expect? As a general rule the weight loss drugs when evaluated over a 6 to 12-month time frame produce an approximate weight loss of 5%. If this patient takes any one of the weight loss drugs and loses 5% of her original body weight she may achieve a weight loss of around 10 lbs over 6-12 months. At 187 lbs her new BMI would be 31.1, still categorized as obese despite taking a weight loss drug while being exposed to the medical complications of the drug. What is worse is when she stops taking the drug she can expect to gain the weight that she lost back, if not more.

The question here is what is the point of taking a prescription medication with a list of documented side effects and adverse effects if its result cannot produce the intended result.

In fact, patients that take weight loss drugs need to be notified prior to taking them that achieving their ideal body weight is unrealistic with the use of the weight loss drug.

Researchers, scientists, and physicians have questioned the role of drug therapy for weight loss as there are real concerns as to its true efficacy and safety. Especially when these questions are discussed in regards to the effect accomplished and the disappearance of the effect once the weight loss drugs are discontinued.

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