Patients who lose weight following a diet or using weight loss medications face the same problem and ask themselves the same question. Why does the weight keep coming back?

The body has a unique ability to maintain physiological balance. It balances out the amount of heat we generate versus the amount lost. It maintains a water balance with how much water is consumed and how much is lost in the urine, sweat, and feces. There are two process that control the amount of fat on the body. The first one is referred to as lipogenesis, which means creating fat, and the second one is called lipolysis, which means breaking down fat.  Fat cells are subjected to these two processes on a daily basis. Everyday the body creates new fat by forming fat cells and destroys fat for use as physiologic structure and functioning. The body maintains balance in these two processes to make our weight relatively constant everyday even though the amount of food consumed usually varies day to day, the same way the body keeps your temperature within the physiological range while in hot or cool weather.

Imagine you have an infection in the form of a pneumonia and you are running a fever of 102° F. You decided to talk an ice-cold bath to lower your temperature. This will work only for a short period of time but the body will bring the temperature back to 102° F as there is a medical condition which is responsible for this fever that needs to be treated first. Once the pneumonia is treated, your body will bring the temperature down until it returns to normal temperature.

The same concept applies to weight. The body maintains the same weight over years because it maintains the balance of lipogenesis and lipolysis. When you have metabolic disease, this balance shifts to more lipogenesis and less lipolysis causing the body gain weight. You can force the body to lose weight by dieting, weight loss pills, or strenuous exercise, which artificially either inhibits lipogenesis or increases lipolysis. But you will hit a weight loss plateau as the body has ways of limiting artificially induced weight loss. Once all efforts are discontinued, your body will gain back its prior set weight point. This explains why the weight keeps coming back.

The Metabolism Clinic works on your underlying metabolic errors that caused the body to gain weight. Once these problems are fixed, the set point of weight will return to the normal weight and the body itself will cause weight loss through restoring the original balance between lipogenesis and lipolysis. Weight loss should not be difficult or temporary. Weight loss should not be the focus of the treatment but rather the focus of the treatment is the metabolic causes of overweight. The body is capable to bring the weight down only when your metabolism is working properly.

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