Obesity has reached epidemic levels within society. It has devastating health and economical effects and despite billions of dollars spent on addressing it, the typical weight loss strategies continue to fail. In any major American city, you will find a list of weight loss clinics offering their services but if the worsening of the obesity epidemic is any indication; it means that either their treatment is ineffective or their result is temporary.

The major problem is that the typical methods of treating obesity consider it to be the result of an energy imbalance. The conventional concept is that excess fat is due to excess calories and when the energy you get from the food is exceeding the energy you spend, then you store the extra energy as fat.

These weight loss methods try to force a negative energy balance. They do that with increasing the energy expenditure using different exercise programs or decreasing the energy intake by reducing the amount of food you consume. To accomplish this, they use different appetite suppressants and meal replacement therapies.

The reason this approach to treating obesity does not work is that obesity is not energy problem but it is a metabolic problem.

Obesity is the external manifestation of the abnormal metabolic condition. To make matters more complicated, it is not just one metabolic problem that causes obesity but many hormonal and metabolic processes that are responsible for the fat synthesis and fat loss which in turn determine the body weight.

The only way to treat obesity correctly is to have a paradigm shift. Obesity needs to be seen and treated as a metabolic condition not as a caloric or energy imbalance.

The Metabolism Clinic is specialized in treating the metabolic conditions responsible for causing obesity.

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