Weight loss is an almost universal desire amongst the vast majority of Americans. In fact, weight loss is not an American desire; it is a global desire. From shakes to surgeries; cleanses to CrossFit and everything in between the options appear plentiful when in reality they are anything but. It is not the fault of the patient attempting weight loss if they are unaware of the ineffectiveness they are attempting.  However, continued failure is not fun; and most patients will readily admit this by stating that they feel hopeless after repeatedly not being able to achieve the body they want.

The biggest weight loss mistake is attempting to lose weight on your own.

We know that 80% of patients trying to lose weight try to do this on their own. We also know that 95% of weight loss attempts fail within a 5-year span. Why is this the biggest mistake? Excess weight is a medical condition. It is a state of hyperinsulinemia, or excess insulin. This is a major metabolic disorder that is equivalent to any other ICD-10 medical diagnosis a physician can make. Attempting to override the abnormal metabolism is like punching your ticket to the amusement park full of roller coasters. Expect to experience a vicious cycle of temporary modest weight loss with more frequent periods of time being spent at heavier and heavier weights. Not only is this the result patients experience the most frequently it is also extremely unpleasant as their attempts at weight loss force them into starvation mode. A state of constant relentless hunger with minimal to no weight loss achieved.

Part of the problem here is that patients have nowhere to go to achieve the weight loss they desire; until recently at least. The Metabolism Clinic based in Charlotte, North Carolina has quickly become the destination for anyone wanting to lose weight including other physicians, patients from out of state, patients contemplating weight loss surgery, and even patients that have insulin dependent diabetes. To achieve weight loss The Metabolism Clinic has developed the Metabolism Correction Program designed to evaluate and treat patients on an individualized level that is physician supervised to treat the medical conditions causing excess weight.


The Metabolism Clinic is established as the destination for weight loss and reversal of diabetes. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina. www.themetabolismclinic.com