As physicians, we are surrounded by physicians on a daily basis. Since the founding of The Metabolism Clinic well over 60% of the patients treated at the clinic have been other physicians, nurses, and medical professionals. Their frustrations stem from the two greatest epidemics facing healthcare; obesity and diabetes.

Daily encounters in the outpatient and inpatient settings are leaving most physicians feeling helpless. Providing outdated recommendations to patients based on less than 10 hours of lectures in medical school has proven to be pointless. Honestly, most physicians don’t even bother with advocating for lifestyle modification at this point; because unless you understand the critical components of the metabolism your words are likely to have no effect. To make matters worse physicians are not immune to these epidemics. They themselves are often avoiding seeing their physicians because they are afraid of what the blood tests will show this year. Did my cholesterol worsen? Are my blood sugar levels higher? Did I gain more weight? Yes, these thoughts go through the minds of physicians as well. The studies reveal that overweight physicians are less likely to even bring up the word obesity during the evaluation of a patient that meets this criteria per ICD-10 coding standards. What’s worse is these same physicians that struggle with their weight are afraid that their recommendations in regards to other medical matters are less likely to be taken into account by their patients if they are overweight themselves. It’s a vicious cycle that ultimately leads to a progressively frustrated physician. Patients are becoming sicker on a daily basis. The rise in obesity, diabetes, and ultimately the combination of medical co-morbidities is skyrocketing and physicians feel helpless.


The Metabolism Clinic is established as the destination for weight loss and reversal of diabetes. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina.