Obesity is dangerous metabolic condition. More than 70% of Americans are struggling with their weight. So often we hear that weight loss is about will power and patients report that they do not have it. Patients think that the reason they cannot lose weight is that they do not have enough discipline. They keep trying harder and harder; and every time they fail. They are accused by people around them, even loved ones, that they do not have the will power and sadly most of the time these patients believe that.


What is the truth? Why is the battle of the bulge so difficult to win?

First of all, your discipline and will power have nothing to do with weight loss. Many of our patient who want to lose weight are highly functioning professionals, great patients, and successful people in society. Blaming these patients for not having the will power or self-discipline is unacceptable.  


When you are trying to lose weight in the wrong way: appetite suppressants, caloric restriction, weight loss injections you start experiencing significant symptoms which ultimately leads to failure.


Examples include:

  • Withdrawal symptoms: from proteins and toxins released within the body.
  • Insulin sensitivity: hyper responsive insulin levels that cause hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) symptoms that occur when restricting calories, these symptoms include shaking, anxiety, palpitations, cold sweats, etc.
  • Low serotonin levels: causing acute depression which leads to overeating and relapse.
  • Unrealistic approach: unfortunately, the majority of weight loss strategies are unrealistic because they are premised on a false concepts (i.e. calories, weight loss medication, diet,…)
  • Hunger: never ever feeling satiated.
  • Weight loss drug side effects: with over seventy different side effects documented per drug it only takes one unpleasant effect to never touch these again.


It was never your fault. You just were asking the wrong question which is how to lose weight.


The correct question is what went wrong in my body that made me gain weight.


The Metabolism Clinic focuses on treating the underling metabolic errors that cause the body to put on pounds of extra fat. Your body does not want to carry the extra pounds of fat the same way that your body does not want to have a temperature of 102°F and wants to bring it back to normal. Once the metabolic errors are addressed and treated appropriately, your body will lose all of the excess with with effortlessly.

The Metabolism Clinic is established as the destination for weight loss and reversal of diabetes. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina. www.themetabolismclinic.com