You may have heard this from people that have tried to lose weight or you may have experienced this. “I lost 40 pounds and then got sick. I felt awful. I had no energy.”  Why did that happen and can this be prevented?

There are reasons why this occurs.

The first reason is that the method of weight loss forces weight loss by slowing the metabolism. In some weight loss models and in different diet plans, they induce weight loss in a very unnatural way that causes the metabolism to slow down to the point that you no longer feel you can go on (this is a person’s breaking point whereby whatever method they were using is discontinued).

The second reason is the side effects of the weight loss medications. Many of the widely used weight loss medications have dangerous side effects. In many cases there is a duration limit on these medications due to the long-term health problems associated with their use. Please review the numerous articles on different weight loss drugs we have written in the past.

The third reason is that through the years, your body stores all the harmful chemicals that it has been exposed to in the fat. Pesticides, antibiotics, chemicals, colorings, and flavorings that was in your food or environment and the body could not excrete is stored hidden away in your fat cells. When you lose a significant amount of fat, these chemicals get released again in the blood stream and your body becomes exposed again to it in large quantities. Sometimes the amount exceeds the capacity of the liver and the kidney to detoxify it and your body physically becomes sick. It is very important after a significant weight loss to have a detoxification program to help your body to get rid of all these chemicals in the correct way.

Weight loss is not a do it yourself project. Unless it is done in the correct way, it can impose many health hazards.  Even if you are able to achieve some weight loss on your own or using some weight loss drugs, that does not mean that you are any healthier. It has to be done in the correct way under a close supervision by physicians who are specialized in the complexities of the metabolism.


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