There is a paradigm shift occurring within medicine. The focus of treatment is now looking at correcting the cause instead of suppressing the symptoms or chronically managing the disease process.

Medicine has always been driven by finding the cure for disease. Unfortunately, physicians have become sidetracked by managing chronic diseases. The problem with managing chronic is disease is that once one disease process start many follow. This leads to increased rate of complications with higher mortality rates. This also leads to more and more medications being prescribed.

Specifically, when it comes to weight loss the typical weight loss clinics are failing. They promote weight loss methods that have be documented to provide inferior results without lasting effects. What is worse is that these methods pose unnecessary medical risks to patients attempting them as a means for weight loss.

Patients approaching weight loss are now seeking personalized medicine. Treat my specific problems that are causing me to be overweight or obese. Manage my chronic conditions in an effort to free me from chronic medications. Resolve my symptoms of chronic fatigue, inability to concentrate, depression, and joint pains.

Patients seeking curative solutions are now looking beyond the typical weight loss clinics that use weight loss medications, weight loss injections, and protein shakes or protein bars. Patients often have tried these methods before or have had friends or family members try these approaches. The results are always the same. Temporary misery for unimpressive weight loss results that is not sustainable.

The Metabolism Clinic is the fastest growing clinic in the region. It is providing a novel treatment approach that focuses on the metabolism itself. Weight is not the issue. The metabolism is the issue. Attempting to lose weight without addressing the metabolism first will fail every time.

The Metabolism Clinic is established as the destination for weight loss and reversal of diabetes. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina.