The medical costs are on the rise. Patients are feeling the effects of the costs. The annual rate of increase in medical costs is approximately 3.4% per year. One area where patients are feeling the costs the most is with the prescription drug costs. Within the past 2 years cost of prescription drugs has risen by 25%. Weekly stories are broadcast on the news, social media, and featured in articles of patients having to decide between their medications and meals.

Patients can no longer afford to be sick. Being sick is expensive. Being sick also means a poor quality of life and a reduced life span.

Metabolic Syndrome is one of the biggest contributors to the rise in medical costs.

When Metabolic Syndrome is present patients are diagnosed with overweight/obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, acid reflux, sleep apnea, and depression. Blood pressure medications, cholesterol medications, acid blocking medications, and anti-depressants comprise the best-selling prescription drugs on the market.

The Metabolism Clinic focuses on the abnormal aspects of the metabolism that are causing the blood pressure to be elevated, causing the blood sugar levels to be high, causing the cholesterol profile to become abnormal, and so on. Patients find when their metabolism is corrected their chronic illnesses often go away. The weight loss program known as the Metabolism Correction Program not only offers the most superior method of weight loss available in the world it also offers patients the possibility of coming off chronic medications. Patients often say they do not want to be sick anymore. We have listened and have developed a program that patients desire. This program is the reason why The Metabolism Clinic became the #1 clinic for weight loss in Charlotte, North Carolina within 1 year of opening its doors.

The Metabolism Clinic is established as the destination for weight loss and reversal of diabetes. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina.