Weight can be lost in two ways. Unintentional weight loss is also referred to as involuntary or unintended weight loss and intentional weight loss which is achieved when knowingly attempting to lose weight.


The proper way to intentionally lose weight is to correct your metabolism. Addressing a sick metabolism allows your body to dispose of the extra pounds of fat as it doesn’t find it healthy, necessary, or vital to keep it. A healthy body has a healthy weight; more specifically a healthy amount of fat.

We are all very familiar with over promised and under delivered weight loss slogans. “Lose 50 pounds before Christmas”, “30 pounds in 30 days.”. We also have heard of weight loss pills, injections, and meal replacements that make you lose weight. These methods make you lose weight by doing something wrong in your body and forces the body to react to it by losing weight. In a very similar way that when the body does when you are sick via unintentional weight loss.


The Metabolism Clinic, has established a new paradigm for successful weight loss. The clinic  has the way that allows your body to lose weight because you are healthier. Our results of weight loss is double that of weight loss drugs in a quarter of the time and in severe cases of gastric bypass surgery the program is superior not only in the weight lost but the serious medical complications that are avoided by the permanently disfiguring surgery.  


Moreover, all our patients are able to keep the weight off. Our methods simply are to make you healthier and through a comprehensive program but very easy to follow, our physicians will help you to correct all the underlying metabolic errors that causes your body to put on extra weight. As we said earlier, a healthy body has a healthy amount of fat. You can never expect to be in a good heath with any extra fat even if it is only 10 pounds more than what you should be.


If you want lose weight, you should not only ask how much fat will you lose this weight, but rather ask how I will lose this weight.


First of all, avoid any injections or weight loss drugs. Second, avoid any shakes or bars or any other meal replacement gimmick. Third, never consider gastric bypass procedures as these are not an option as they result in permanent sickness from chronic malabsorption.


Focus on fixing the underlying problem that causes weight gain.


Losing weight is easy and it is actually fun to do if it is done correctly!!!

The Metabolism Clinic is established as the destination for weight loss and reversal of diabetes. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina. www.themetabolismclinic.com