Hunger is the most primal need of the human body. In fact, hunger trumps our most extreme fears. This means that put in a situation where its food vs fear/death; you will at least attempt to make an effort to get the food even at the expense of risking it all.

Hunger is driven by the metabolism and what the metabolism needs. The problem is that patients do not know how to interpret their hunger. Instead of asking why am I always hungry? The more appropriate question to ask is what is causing the hunger? The majority of weight loss attempts fail because patients run into hunger. Constant hunger. Hunger than is unrelieved even after a binge session at the buffet. A second problem is that patients are often led to believe that their hunger is strictly an issue of will power. Society views appetite and hunger as signs of weakness. Patients are often made to feel inadequate when they submit to their hunger demands.

The Metabolism Clinic is destroying this decades long dogma.

Hunger is driven by metabolic needs or metabolic pathways gone awry. To eliminate excessive hunger targeted medical metabolic treatments need to be delivered.

To understand the full depth of hunger it should be noted that hunger can be causes by a spectrum of metabolic demands. Also, hunger may be temporarily addressed only to later return. To adequately address these patient needs The Metabolism Clinic has the Weight Loss/Metabolism Correction Program. This program is twelve weeks in duration and recognizes the frequent changes in the metabolism during this time frame. This program and the nationally known Diabetes Reversal Program are the reasons why the clinic has become the destination for weight loss and reversal of diabetes.

The Metabolism Clinic is established as the destination for weight loss and reversal of diabetes. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina.