Obesity has become the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in our generation and it has reached an epidemic level. It is associated with many serious metabolic diseases such as type 2
diabetes mellitus, heart disease, osteoarthritis, and cancer. Obesity is known to decrease productivity, increase sick days, and decrease the life span of patients. Obese adults spend 42% extra on health care costs compared to normal weight adults. The weight loss industry in the US is a $60 billion-a- year business. The drug companies are spending millions of dollars a year trying to develop the miracle drug for obesity.

There are three important questions to ask here:

  1. Why is the obesity rate on the rise?
  2. Why is weight loss difficult to achieve despite the money being spent to achieve it?
  3. Why are the drug companies unable to develop an effective weight loss drug that will
    end the obesity problem?

The answer to these questions is in the way obesity is viewed. We are trying to treat obesity the same way we treat other acute diseases. Obesity is a complex medical condition and it is not
the disease but it just a symptom. The disease lies within the dysregulations and abnormalities in the metabolism which leads to imbalance between the rate of fat loss and fat creation which
in turn leads to the weight gain. The correct treatment of obesity is not to trying to induce fat loss with strenuous exercise or by eating a calorie restricted diet with the help of the appetite suppressant medications. The correct treatment is to treat the underlying metabolic conditions that cause this imbalance such as insulin resistance and chronic inflammation.

The treatment of obesity will never be a pill to take or a protein shake to drink. It will not be a meal replacement plant with substituting your normal food with a chemically produced food like products. The treatment of obesity successfully be achieved when we are treating the underlying metabolic errors that causes obesity. To treat obesity as the symptoms and not the disease.

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