Most of our patients are able to keep the weight off after completing the Metabolism Correction Program. They become resistant to weight gain. Weight maintenance is not an issue any more. That is the opposite result when compared to other weight loss programs where weight maintenance is the biggest concern as most of their patients gain all the weight they lost back and more. Often times the resultant weight gain is so severe that they end up more obese than when they first started.

In this article, we will try to explain why this happens.

Obesity is not the disease but it is just a symptom. It is the result of metabolic and hormonal dysregulation. The biggest factor in developing obesity is your insulin level. High insulin levels cause increases in the rates of fat synthesis and it causes inhibition of the fat loss pathway.

This result in the net increase in the fat mass and obesity. Low insulin levels result in inhibition of the fat synthesis and increase the fat loss with a net decrease in the fat mass.

It is impossible to lose weight when your insulin level is high. The high insulin level is a result of insulin resistance.

When the body cells become resistant to the effect of the insulin, the glucose in the blood is not able to enter into the cells which result in increase in the blood glucose level. The body attempts to overcome this resistance by making the pancreas increase the insulin production which result in higher than normal levels of insulin up to 10 times higher. This will at least temporarily overcome the insulin resistance and allow the glucose to enter the cells but it comes with anther undesirable effect.

High insulin levels activate the enzymatic pathway of fat synthesis. It will also inhibit the enzymatic pathway of fat loss. That is why many patients find it almost impossible to lose weight and even to keep the same weight and the only direction their weight is going is up.

The Metabolism Correction Program weight loss program, we target the underlying metabolic causes for weight gain. As we have just discussed, insulin resistance and high insulin levels are one of the most important factors that causes weight gain. One of the goals of the program is to restore the insulin sensitivity. When the cells are more sensitive to insulin, the pancreas will need to secrete a small amount of insulin and the insulin level in return will get lower back to its normal physiological level.

When the insulin level is low, the fat synthesis pathway will be turned off and the fat loss pathway will become activated which leads to rapid, effortless and permanent weight loss. At that point, weight gain is very unlikely to happen. Weight gain cannot happen with normal insulin sensitivity and normal insulin level.


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