You may have struggled with your weight for a couple of years or for most of your life. Despite your best efforts the amount of extra weight continues to worsen and you have tried everything with no success. You think that these extra pounds have been with you for a long time and by the looks of it, it appears that they are here to stay.

Is this true?

The truth is actually much different. The pounds of excess fat you had several years ago are not the same pounds you are carrying today.

We tend to think of fat cells as storage cells that are not active but just act as bags full of fat. Fat cells are normal live cells. Every single day new cells are made and old cells die. The same concept applies for every living cell. For example, your red blood cells live only for 90 days which mean in 3 months your blood is newer than it once was.

Fat cells follow similar principles. Researchers in Sweden found that every year 10% of your fat cells die and are replaced by new fat cells.

This finding provides us with a whole new way of looking at obesity. It means that every day there are fat cells dying and new ones being formed, which makes obesity simply loss of balance between these two processes.

When errors happen in the metabolism, this balance shifts toward making more fat cells leading to weight gain.

Most of patients that are obese maintain the same weight or continue to gain weight for years. This means that the body has a mechanism to create the same number or fat cells every day that is equal to the ones that died.

The true story of obesity is that the body has a weight thermostat. Every day it does its best to maintain a stable weight in the same way it maintains your temperature stable.

When there are errors in your metabolism, this weight thermostat is set to the wrong number. When these metabolic diseases are treated, the body will realize that your weight is higher than what is should be and it will naturally and effortlessly bring it down.

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