Patients that come to The Metabolism Clinic have often attempted to lose weight countless times before. These attempts include the usual diets, weight loss clinics, and by the time some patients see us they have contemplated gastric bypass procedures. The question is if they have tried countless times in the past; why do they continue to seek it? Why have they not given up? Why have they not accepted their body for what it is or what it has become?

Patients reveal that their weight is something that they are always acutely aware of. They reveal that there is not one moment during the day that goes by without them thinking about their weight. It is the first thing they experience in the morning when they look in the mirror to brush their teeth. It is the next thing they experience when they put on their clothes for the day. During the day, they reveal they often are hot/sweating when their colleagues are comfortable. They report no energy, difficulty concentrating, and always feeling hungry. They feel off and feel like something is wrong.

At The Metabolism Clinic it is important to understand that everything revealed above by patients are symptoms. Symptoms that serve as messages underlying that something is wrong. The something is the metabolism. The metabolism is the complex set of innumerable reactions/processes taking place in the body. When these processes become impaired we feel it. Excess weight is only a physical manifestation of this that is visible. What’s worse is that what cannot be seen by the eye is actually more concerning. These include the abnormal cholesterol levels, high sugars, elevations of inflammatory markers, and more. Patients will tell you that the way they look is important but most of all they really want to feel better.


The Metabolism Clinic is established as the destination for weight loss and reversal of diabetes. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina.