Suppression of a Symptom: Weight Loss

This symptom and topic of discussion here is excess weight and obesity.  When patients are attempting to lose weight; essentially what they are trying to do is suppress a symptom.

What are some examples of symptoms that can be suppressed?  One symptom that can be suppressed is a cough.  If the cough is being produced or caused by a pneumonia, suppression of the cough will do little to affect the course of pneumonia.  One symptom could also be an itch.  Suppression of the itch can be achieved with topical medication or oral systemic medication.  However, if the cause of the rash is cellulitis and it is not treated it is only a matter of time before the itch reoccurs, or worsens to the point where a cellulitis that could have been treated in the outpatient setting with oral antibiotics now requires inpatient treatment in the hospital with intravenous antibiotics.

The same is true for excess weight and obesity.  Patients go to extreme measures in an effort to control with their weight or force weight loss upon themselves.  In fact, the length of what patient’s attempt to do appears to become more and more extreme on a daily basis.  Over the past 10-20 years we have seen patients apply electrical bands around her waist to promote stimulation and contraction of their abdominal muscles in an effort to lose weight, consume more apple cider vinegar, go on prolonged detoxification cycles, and select extreme versions of fad diets. The diets vary the entire spectrum from consuming all carbohydrates (Ornish diet) to consuming all fats (ketogenic) to consuming processed premade meals (too many examples to list) to consuming nothing processed at all (paleo).

This suppression is soundly supported by the literature and research.  Regardless of diet attempted or exercise regimen attempted greater than 95% of patients again all the weight back if not more weight within a 5-year period.  There are not many examples of things that exist in life where 95% of people so consistently fail at achieving something.


Suppression is not the answer and has never been the answer.  Unfortunately, it is going to take more and more articles like this so that patients receive explanation for what is actually occurring. An explanation that they can relate with. An explanation that validates their beliefs from the beginning; that weight loss has to be directed at the level of the metabolism.


The Metabolism Clinic is established as the destination for diabetes (type 2) reversal and weight loss by metabolism correction. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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