If weight loss were about too much food or too little physical activity, then the cure would be simple. We could count calories and make sure we expend more than we intake. Except, that scenario has been overplayed again and again and again. At this point in time it is actually surprising that people continue to buy into this when science and research has shown it has no merit.


To expand upon this further let’s consider other points that discredits the use of calories completely.


First off, do you know how many calories (assuming they exist) you need per day? If you know this, then how do you know it and who told it to you? Was it based on measuring your own metabolism directly or an equation that is generalized and has no personal application?


Second off, is it possible that the requirements of your body changes on a daily basis? What you needed yesterday may be entirely different from what you need tomorrow?


Number three, what is the percentage of absorption of nutrients and calories from the food you consume and how much energy is expended by your body to break down this foods so that they can be absorbed?


Reason number four, who says the labels or calorie counts on foods is accurate or even approximately accurate?


And the last point to make here. Of the calories, you do absorb; how much of that can actually be expended and in what amount of time?


This was written to free you from the chaos of calories. Weight gain, excess weight, and obesity are not the result of an energy imbalance; meaning more calories in than calories expended. Weight gain, excess weight, and obesity are about hormonal imbalances in the body whereby the body and the metabolic pathways in the body are in a constant state of promoting fat creation and fat preservation.

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