The biggest myth in weight loss continues to be the concept of calories. Calories are constantly referred to by people when they are trying to explain the approach to weight loss. Calories in versus calories out is the model that has been referenced over and over again. The only problem with this is that it does not work. It will never work and trying to make it work is enough for anyone to forgo their weight loss attempt.

The best way to explain this is to think of calories as a currency (the euro versus the dollar). Except you and your body have completely different evaluations of this currency. Your body is not looking for a certain amount of calories when you eat. Your body does not fill up once a certain number of calories is consumed. Your body does not depend on calories. Successful weight loss relies upon the functioning of the metabolism. A majority of patients when attempting to lose weight start at a disadvantage because their metabolism is extremely low. Targeting the metabolism to improve it is where the focus needs to be. As an example of why patients often cannot make it past the first two weeks of a weight loss effort is due to their low metabolism. A low metabolism and a reduced caloric content = failure every time. Targeting the metabolism to increase it is necessary and a must when approaching weight loss in addition to ensuring excess weight does not return.

If weight loss is the goal then the function of the metabolism has to be considered. Ignoring the metabolism to focus on calories is the single greatest mistake a patient can make because the goal cannot be achieved no matter how great the effort is.


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