The use of weight loss drugs in general is the wrong approach to take when seeking weight loss. Weight loss drugs have not been embraced by most physicians as sales figures from the latest released weight loss drugs reveal. Weight loss drugs do not correct the medical condition of obesity. At best a 5-10% weight loss may be observed with weight loss drugs. This often is not enough to reduce patients body mass index out of the obese range.


The real issue here is that patients with excess weight and obesity have significant health risks. The health risks manifest themselves in almost every possible category from cardiometabolic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes to increased rates of cancers to increased prevalence of psychiatric disorders.


Subjecting this patient population to drugs that distort an already failing metabolism can lead to an increase in serious medical complications that can send patients to the emergency department or at the minimum leave patients feeling unwell.


Excess fat on the body is highly metabolically active. Once fat on the body has been created it has metabolic defense mechanisms to ensure it remains in existence. This is one of the reasons why patients have a difficulty losing weight and sustaining. It takes an understanding of the metabolism to override as many of these metabolic mechanisms as possible to allow the body to free itself from the fat it once formed.


The Metabolism Clinic does not endorse the use, prescribe, or recommend weight loss drugs. In fact the use of weight loss drugs demonstrates a lack of understanding in regards to the physiology of the human body. Some of the weight loss drugs have unknown mechanisms of action. To achieve weight loss the metabolism must be addressed. Other attempts that bypass the metabolism have high failure rates because the metabolic dysregulations causing the obesity in the first place are not corrected.

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