You’re dreading it! You’re putting it off until next year. Why? Because your past experiences have been awful. This is a brief description of your past attempts to lose weight.

The past is a predictor of the future.

So why repeat it?

Trying to lose weight by yourself while counting calories and working out in the gym is not the solution to weight loss.

Why are these measures futile when losing weight?

They overlook the most important aspect of weight regulation from the very beginning; the metabolism. The metabolism is responsible for your weight.

Why deprive your metabolism from improving by cutting calories?

Why try to force your metabolism into overdrive with exercise?

This time has to be different. This time has to use the most sophisticated approach to losing weight permanently. This time correcting your metabolism has to be the focus. The metabolism is why you are at your current weight. The metabolism is also the only way to finally achieve your desired goals.

How can I finally address my metabolism?

The metabolism is what The Metabolism Clinic has been founded upon. Every medical treatment administered at the clinic focuses on the metabolism and improving it. It is the reason the clinic became the destination for weight loss in Charlotte, North Carolina within 1 year of opening the doors. It is the reason why patients have travelled from over 6 different states to be treated at the clinic.

The clinic stands alone locally and nationally as this is a standard setting concept that is delivering the care to patients that they have desired for so long.

The Metabolism Clinic has developed the Weight Loss/Metabolism Correction Program to provide patients the means to achieve the weight loss that they want without using any the prior tortuous strategies that they have led to believe as the way to lose weight.


The Metabolism Clinic is established as the destination for weight loss and reversal of diabetes. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina.