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Charlotte weight loss clinic knows that excess weight is the result of an abnormal metabolism.

Charlotte Weight Loss Clinic has an approach that is different than all others. Metabolism Correction treatment at The Metabolism Clinic in Charlotte, NC is a first of its kind treatment solution for weight loss, specifically designed to treat excess weight at the metabolic level.

Our Charlotte Weight Loss Clinic has a key tool in your treatment: The Weight Loss / Metabolism Correction treatment is revolutionizing, the way physicians battle the worldwide obesity epidemic.  The program takes a comprehensive approach to weight loss targeting the key contributors to obesity and excess weight gain. We do not use weight loss medications. We address what went wrong in the metabolism that caused weight gain and obesity. Once treatment is targeted at the metabolism, permanent weight loss is easily achieved.

Charlotte Weight Loss / Metabolism Correction:

The Metabolism Clinic in Charlotte, NC is the nation’s authority and innovator in delivering advanced treatment targeted at an abnormal metabolism responsible for excess weight. The Metabolism Clinic in Charlotte, NC is adamant that you understand this is NOT YOUR FAULT. The excess body fat is simply a symptom of an abnormal metabolism. We have great plans that focus on charlotte weight loss for all through the correction of your metabolism.

Weight Loss / Metabolism Correction treatment includes:

Current State of Metabolism Evaluation
Past Medical/Surgical History Evaluation
Current Medications Evaluation
Family History Evaluation
Current Symptoms Screening and Evaluation
Prior Weight Loss Attempts Evaluation
Determination of your Metabolic Requirements:
Everything has specific requirement in order to function or operate as intended.
Do you know what those are?
We will obtain critical labs on you
Calculation of your Metabolic Rate
Metabolism controls your weight; it is impossible to lose weight without treating the metabolism.
Assessment of your Metabolic Response
Charlotte Weight Loss Clinic: Benchmarks and Success

The benchmark of success for the Weight Loss/ Metabolism Correction Treatment is a 10-15% reduction in baseline weight over a 12 week course of treatment.

Metabolic repair and an achievable goal of 10-15 % weigh-loss reduction, clear the way for optimal measurable health benefits. This reduction in baseline weight is double the amount of weight lost in a quarter of the time compared to unnecessary surgical risks and by taking dangerous drugs currently on the market.

Remember that inducing weight loss does not work and that by addressing the root cause of overweight and obesity, you will be able to achieve the desired weight loss and you will be able to keep it off.

Most weight loss strategies result in 5-7% weight loss, thus resulting in a plateau that increases frustration and further exasperates the patients struggling with excess weight gain and obesity. The Metabolism Clinic in Charlotte, NC medically addresses the root cause of excess weight gain and obesity and works with optimal goals and methods.

What Metabolism Correction Treatment Patients Have Come to Expect From This Charlotte Weight Loss Clinic

*Active decrease of medications that may include blood pressure, cholesterol, acid reflux, and anti-depressants.
Charlotte Weight Loss Clinic & Metabolism Correction Treatment First Medical Screening

Current symptoms and state of health addressed
Past medical, surgical, social, family histories evaluated
Review of current medications
Body composition analysis
Metabolic rate calculated
Review of past weight loss attempts
Pre-screening for Diabetes and pre-diabetes
Initiation of targeted metabolic supplementation
Initiation of targeted metabolic correction
Close follow-up appointment scheduled
Charlotte Weight Loss / Metabolism Correction Treatment consists of:

Charlotte Weight Loss Clinic Offers The Following:

12 weeks of metabolic repair for weight loss
Core metabolic supplication
1-2 week follow up appointments to ensure rate of correction
Metabolic rate calculated at each follow up appointment
Body composition analysis at each follow up appointment
Physician supervised, individualized metabolic correction based upon metabolic rate, composition, and labs directed at weight loss while simultaneously working to reverse chronic medical conditions (high cholesterol, hypertension, etc.)
Metabolism Correction Fee:

This Charlotte Weight Loss Clinic offers the Weight Loss/ Metabolism Correction is 12 weeks of medical treatment. It costs $1,200. The clinic accepts health savings account (HSA), flexible spending account (FSA), as well as Care Credit (6-month interest free financing; electronic application is available in the clinic). The clinic will submit a letter documenting medical necessity to insurance companies at the request of the patient.

Charlotte Weight Loss Clinic: The Metabolism Clinic is committed to delivering the highest level of medical care to its patients. The clinic practices with the approach of bringing the future of medicine to its patients now. At this current time insurance companies do not automatically cover the advanced treatment. The clinic is working on establishing insurance coverage in an effort to make this treatment available to every patient.

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