Diabetes & Metabolism Screenings

The Metabolism Clinic is committed to aggressively going after the two most significant medical epidemics facing the population.

The free screenings include hemoglobin A1c measurement and a comprehensive metabolism screening.

The hemoglobin A1c measurement is a means of screening for prediabetes and diabetes.

The comprehensive metabolism screening includes measurement and calculation of the basal metabolic rate as well as calculation of muscle mass, fat mass, total body water content, visceral fat score, and protein mass.

If you are concerned about yourself or a family member or a friend use this complimentary service as a means to evaluate the most important and valuable asset you have…..your health.


What Our Patients Say About Us 

  • I started my journey with Dr. Timothy and Dr. Youssef 3 weeks ago. It has been the best life changing experience for me. I am a diabetic who blood sugar readings were so high and I was on insulin and meds for it. With the help of these two Doctors and the program and eating the right foods, I'm no longer on insulin or meds now. My blood sugar readings have come down and are much better. I have more energy and feel healthier. In my first 2 weeks I lost 14 pounds. I'm so excited that I'm finally on the right track to a healthier metabolism. Dr. Timothy and Dr. Youssef both are very supportive through your journey and I would recommend anyone to make an appointment. You will not regret the decision.

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