The first goal of weight loss is to prevent further weight gain and create a setting in which the weight is stabilized.

Patients that have excess weight are at risk for continued weight gain; unless medically addressed.

Once the clinic achieves a 5% weight loss from the baseline weight; health benefits start to become apparent.

The typical weight loss strategies result in 5-7% weight loss. These strategies metabolically plateau causing extreme frustration by patients attempting them.

When the clinic achieves 10-15% weight loss the appearance of the patient is apparent. To put this in perspective a 10-15% weight loss is generally considered a good response at other clinics, not The Metabolism Clinic.

Nationally a greater than 15% weight loss is considered an excellent response, not for The Metabolism Clinic.

The Metabolism Clinic sets the new standard for percent weight loss. Patients at The Metabolism Clinic experience personalized medicine whereby the current state of metabolism is evaluated in addition to the other significant components of their presenting condition including current medications, past medical/surgical history, family history, current symptoms, and prior weight loss attempts.

The Metabolism Clinic understands that the rate of weight loss is dictated by the metabolic processes/reactions of the metabolism itself.

To illustrate this it is imperative that people understand the weight itself is a symptom of an abnormal metabolism.

An abnormal metabolism is the result of metabolic dysregulation.

Examples of metabolic dysregulation include but are not limited to neurotransmitters, gastro-intestinal peptides, hormonal regulations, organ system physiology, and inflammatory processes.

The Metabolism Clinic values true health. True health is the sum of achieved body composition, achieved serum measurements, elimination of unnecessary acute or chronic medications, and above all personal patient satisfaction.

What Our Patients Say About Us 

  • I started my journey with Dr. Timothy and Dr. Youssef 3 weeks ago. It has been the best life changing experience for me. I am a diabetic who blood sugar readings were so high and I was on insulin and meds for it. With the help of these two Doctors and the program and eating the right foods, I'm no longer on insulin or meds now. My blood sugar readings have come down and are much better. I have more energy and feel healthier. In my first 2 weeks I lost 14 pounds. I'm so excited that I'm finally on the right track to a healthier metabolism. Dr. Timothy and Dr. Youssef both are very supportive through your journey and I would recommend anyone to make an appointment. You will not regret the decision.

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