Metabolism Correction Treatment

Joseph Gibbons

Dr. Youssef and Dr. Timothy have developed a program that has reversed my metabolic syndrome and has kept me from developing diabetes. It has given me success at a new life. My weight loss has been incredible, and my wife (who is also in the program) and I feel that we will remain successful with our results for the first time.

Jackie Gibbons

This program has been a wonderful experience. Finally successful at weight loss without feeling like I was suffering to do so. This is a program I can continue to maintain long term. I have learned so much from Dr. Youssef and Dr. Timothy and highly recommend to anyone who wants to improve their health.

Pam Edwards

I lost 46 pounds and my A1c is down by 1.5 points. I have been through many other unsuccessful program but this one is different. We do recommend it for everyone who wants to get rid of their diabetes and come off insulin.

Karl Schul

Amazing! Dr. Timothy changed the way in which I viewed food and corrected years of really bad habits that led to weight gain. These doctors and the program that they run are health savers. I am convinced that if I did not do this program that I would be diabetic and reliant on prescribed drugs for conditions related to excessive weight. I feel great and will follow what I have learned for now on. Great doctors and ultimate results with 30 plus pounds lost in 3 months.

David Yelton

I am no longer diabetic. Off all my blood sugar medicine. Highly recommended

Sandra Robertson

My daughter comes here, and just to see how much her life has changed, is amazing! Thanks Dr. Youssef for the amazing work you do!

stewart lynn

Diabetes was out of control. I was obese. Within 3 months, weight was down 20+ lbs, a1c down from 8,4 on insulin to 7.2. off all medications. feel great, no diabetic medicine.

Joe Hageman

These guys have been great. I have had constant weight loss and feel like I will be able to keep it off. Energy level of higher than when I was younger.

Pam Freeman

The doctors are great
And in two weeks on the program My husband has lost lost 20 pounds and feels better

Gwen Devlin

Thank you Metabolism Clini and my wonderful new doctors. Blessed to be down 19.2 pounds in 6 weeks. On my way to a healthier me. I truly recommend the Metabolism Clinic.

Denise Rikard

I see my body healing from the inside. I’m learning how to eat and feed my body the right foods and the results have been amazing. I’ve been on this program for 6 weeks and I am looking forward to a new healthy heart and body. I am feeling more energized and my outlook on life has improved. I am so grateful I learned of The Metabolism Clinic. I truly believe it has saved me from a life of obesity and sickness.

Robbie Nestlerode

A1c down from 7.7 to 6.1 off all but 1 med awesome place!

Oprah Windfrey

After a long struggle with Diabetes, I went to the The Metabolism Clinic. Dr Youssef helped me with his wellness approach toward Diabetes reversal. My diabetes was reversed in less than 2 months with no oral hypoglycemic. My blood sugars were almost 300. Now it ranges from 76-105. My A1c is now 5.6 from 8.5. It is well worth every visit. Thanks to the whole team!!!

Daniel K

This place has truly changed my life. I started at 303 and in 8 weeks I am down to 275. Still a long way to go but this experience has been life changing. Dr. Timothy and Dr. Youssef are incredible.

Jessica Sanchez

Joining the metabolism clinic has been the best decision of my life. Taken back control of my eating habits with the doctors has been amazing. Can’t thank them enough.

Heidi Griffin

Very positive atmosphere. Doctors are extremely supportive. Available by email with quick response. I’ve struggled with my weight all my life, and the older I got, the harder time I had. I’m finally losing weight and not feeling completely deprived! I’ve had to make some major lifestyle changes, but seeing positive results! Very, very pleased with the clinic!

Carolina Mama

Dr. Youssef & Dr. Timothy have been absolutely wonderful in educating me about what was actually going into my body with food & drink choices. They are both patient, kind & caring, always ready to listen & answer any question I may have (I usually have several). The new location is very convenient & super nice! I have bounced back & forth with weight loss for a few years now, but now with their help I’m on the way to a healthy lifestyle that will be a permanent fix. If you are truly ready to learn how to be healthy & feel much better, don’t hesitate to set up an appointment!

Phil Champion

The best decision I have ever made for my health. Not only I dropped 20 pounds in 5 weeks, I have eliminated 2 daily medications. Don’t delay. Great doctors.

Betty Jo Lawson

I am already off my diabetes medicine and I have lost 10 pounds after just 16 days! I already feel So Much better and Much Healthier! I love it!

Moe’s R

Been there now for about 3 month everything is work great feeling a lot better guys over there doing a lot of work to make everything smooth for me I can eat a lot of stuff doctors are great and understanding everything they not like any other doctors diet is different and I believe is rare too I appreciate you guys for your work with me thank you

David Lawson

I’ve lost 15lbs. in less than a month, no insulin or diabetes medicine also. Thankful to God for my doctors at the Metabolism and Wellness Center

Karen Crawford

The Diabetic Reversal program is wonderful. I have just finished the 12 week program and went from A1C of 6.3 and taking 3 different diabetes medications to now having A1C of 6.2 and taking NO diabetic medications. I recommend this program, it is really working for me. Thank You to Dr. Timothy and Dr. Youssef for all the help.

Bernadette Zedom

Great weight loss program!!! I was able to go back to my skinny jeans 4 months after having a baby! No starving or calories restriction. Will recommend the clinic to everyone who wants to have a healthy lifestyle

Shane Auton

These Doctors really know there stuff!! If your tired of trying the new”fad” trendy diets, and you’re ready to take that leap and make a lifestyle change, this is the place for you! Dr. Youssef genually cares and is more excited than you for the results you WILL achieve. I have been with the clinic for almost 10 weeks and have not been disappointed. At present, I have already dropped 10% of my body weight. So, stop thinking about it and pick up the phone. I promise, you won’t regret the results!

Nicole Corsillo

I have been a participant since October and have been blown away by the results! It is a lifestyle change that I had never realized would work so well. I never feel deprived. Dr Youssef and Dr Timothy are super sweet and very educated on this process. I highly recommend them!! 🙂

Jessica Beavers

The docs are great! Very personable and truly want the best for you and your family. You can read my testimony on the website; I have lost 87 pounds so far.

Jennifer Thornburg

The physician interaction far beyond exceeded my expectations. They have truly helped educate me on metabolic wellness that I can apply the rest of my life. I am so thankful to Dr. Youseff for changing my life!!!!

Amanda Kirkpatrick

I have just completed the Metabolism Reset program and I could not be happier! The staff and doctors are amazing. Great education is given.

sade knox

Wonderful progress!!! Down 22lbs! Dr. Youseff has been wonderful in the process!!!! A new outlook at life and food. I can’t wait to see the continued results!


Today I have completed my 12 week problem with Dr. Youseff. I have exceeded his 10% weightloss goal. Iam 24 lbs down from where I started in Oct 2016. I am very pleased with my progress. I truly would recommend The Weightloss Clinic to anyone who is looking to lose weight. They are very supportive.

Virginia Wiggins

Dr’s Youssef and Timothy have literally saved my life. They were helping my husband Wayne Wiggins, whose testimony you can read on their page, when he mentioned to them that I was considering gastric bypass surgery to cure my diabetes. They insisted that I come see them instead. They convinced me that they could help me without surgery. I was taking 40 units of Lantus insulin and Januvia pills for my diabetes every day. My A1c was in the 9s and my blood sugars in the 200s. I was quickly able to stop the insulin followed soon by the Januvia. I’m now taking no medication for diabetes and my blood sugars are below 100. My last A1c was 5.5 a couple months ago and I feel great! They are super nice guys who have a great plan to make your life healthier!