Weight Loss / Metabolism Correction Program


The Metabolism Correction Program is designed to address the causes of excess weight resulting in being overweight and/or obesity. The metabolism itself is the sum of all chemical reactions occurring in the human body at any given time. The sum of the reactions determines the direction of the weight on the scale and more importantly what comprises the weight. A comprehensive approach that systemically targets the most significant contributors of this sum has been developed at the clinic.

This program is revolutionizing the way physicians approach the worldwide obesity epidemic. The Metabolism Correction Program has no weight limitations. The program enrolls the entire spectrum from patients that are interested in losing several pounds to patients that are over four-hundred pounds.

No longer is it acceptable to count calories, go into starvation mode, cycle extreme diets, use weight loss medications/injections, or undergo radical anatomical disfiguring gastric surgeries.

The Metabolism Clinic does not endorse the use of weight loss medications as these drugs promote a more abnormal state of metabolism. Significant health risks are also incurred when patients take these medications. Use of these medications demonstrates a lack of understanding in regards to human physiology and how the metabolism operates.

The benchmark for the program is a 10% reduction in baseline weight over the course of 12 weeks. With the correction of the metabolism a 10% weight-loss reduction offers significant measurable health benefits that are achieved through an increase in metabolism in addition to a reduced percent body fat, visceral fat, and body mass index. This reduction in baseline weight is double the amount of weight lost in a quarter of the time compared to the best weight loss drugs available on the market without exposure to increased unnecessary medical complications/risks.

During the Metabolism Correction Program patients have come to expect active titration off of their chronic medications of which include blood pressure, cholesterol, acid reflux, and anti-depressant medications.

The 1st Medical Appointment includes:

  • Evaluation of current symptoms and present state of health
  • Evaluation of past medical and surgical histories, social history, and family history
  • Review of current medications
  • Review of past attempts at weight loss
  • Body composition analysis
  • Calculation of your metabolic rate
  • Screening for pre-diabetes and diabetes
  • Initiation of targeted metabolic supplementation
  • Initiation of targeted metabolic correction
  • Scheduling of close follow-up appointment

Weight Loss/Metabolism Correction Program consists of:

  • 12 weeks dedicated to correcting the metabolism for weight loss
  • Core metabolic supplementation included
  • Scheduling of close follow-ups during the program to ensure rate of correction (follow-ups are every 1-2 weeks)
  • Calculation of metabolic rate at each follow-up
  • Body composition analysis at each follow-up
  • Physician supervised and individualized metabolic correction based upon metabolic rate, body composition, and labs directed at weight loss while simultaneously working to reverse chronic medical conditions (high cholesterol, high blood pressure, acid reflux, …)

Program Fee

$1,200. The Metabolism Clinic accepts health savings account (HSA), flexible spending account (FSA), as well as Care Credit (6 month interest free financing; electronic application is available in the clinic).


The Metabolism Clinic is committed to delivering the highest level of medical care to its patients. The clinic practices with the approach of bringing the future of medicine to its patients now. At this current time insurance companies attempt to dictate the type of medicine practiced. The Metabolism Clinic will submit a detailed letter to your insurance company documenting specific medical necessity to provide your insurance company of the medical reasons why coverage should be granted.


What Our Patients Say About Us

  • I started my journey with Dr. Timothy and Dr. Youssef 3 weeks ago. It has been the best life changing experience for me. I am a diabetic who blood sugar readings were so high and I was on insulin and meds for it. With the help of these two Doctors and the program and eating the right foods, I'm no longer on insulin or meds now. My blood sugar readings have come down and are much better. I have more energy and feel healthier. In my first 2 weeks I lost 14 pounds. I'm so excited that I'm finally on the right track to a healthier metabolism. Dr. Timothy and Dr. Youssef both are very supportive through your journey and I would recommend anyone to make an appointment. You will not regret the decision.


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