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The Metabolism Clinic: Weight Loss / Metabolism Correction and Diabetes (type 2) Reversal

The Metabolism Clinic Charlotte Weight Loss Clinic Free Screening

Free Diabetes & Metabolism Screenings

“By Board Certified Physicians.”

In the The Metabolism Clinic in Charlotte, NC., is committed to aggressively combatting the two most destructive medical epidemics facing the population today; Diabetes and Obesity. The Metabolism Clinic is proud to offer Free Diabetes and Metabolism Screening.

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Weight Loss / Metabolism Correction Treatment

“Obesity is not the disease.”

Obesity is the result of an abnormal metabolism. Trying to lose weight without treating the metabolism will only produce a temporary result. The wrong question to ask is how to lose weight? The correct question is what is wrong in the metabolism; since the metabolism controls weight? The Weight Loss / Metabolism Correction treatment is revolutionizing, the way physicians battle the worldwide obesity epidemic. The advanced treatment is individualized and comprehensive  to target weight loss at the metabolic level.

Charlotte Weight Loss Clinic The Metabolism Clinic Type 2 Diabetes Reversal

Type 2 Diabetes Reversal

“Diabetes is a reversible disease.”

In the Type 2 Diabetes Reversal program, we correct the insulin resistance which is the root cause of type 2 diabetes. Our patients are able to get off the oral diabetes medications and insulin injections. Our patient are able to get their blood sugar level under control, reversing the course the disease and get off their oral diabetes medications and insulin injection.

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The Metabolism Clinic, Charlotte, NC

The Metabolism Clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina is the first of its kind; devoted entirely to treating excess weight and diabetes reversal.

The clinic offers physician supervised individual programs that treat the root cause of these diseases, by offering state of the art revolutionary programs designed to bring you back to optimal health. The success rate of weight loss and diabetes reversal is unparalleled. At The Metabolism Clinic, patients come to realize that it’s not their fault, however, it has everything to do with their metabolism and there is a solution for both obesity and diabetes.

While at the weight loss clinic, patients are made to feel at home by board certified physicians, Dr. Andrew D. Timothy, DO, MS and Dr. Hany L. Youssef, MD and by the caring staff employed there. 

As a medical weight loss clinic we want you to become the best version of yourself and for you to reclaim your health if you are suffering from obesity or diabetes. The Metabolism Clinic facilitates the most advanced treatments available that allow patients to take advantage of the most effective resources available anywhere in the United States.

The Metabolism Clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina stands behind our commitment to you and are proud to be leading the way in Weight Loss and Diabetes Reversal!

The Metabolism Clinic Medical Weight Loss

“patients come to realize that it’s not your fault, however, it has everything to do with your metabolism and there is a solution.”

Charlotte Weight Loss: Patients at the Metabolism clinic Is In Most Cases The Reason For Weight Gain

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No one should have to count calories, starve themselves, engage in extreme dieting practices, use weight loss medications/injections, or succumb to radical gastric surgeries. The Metabolism Clinic does not endorse these outdated and unacceptable practices that promote an abnormal state of metabolism. These practices lack a fundamental understanding of human physiology and can have devastating consequences.

DM2 Risk Factors: Fat Distribution

Suppression of a Symptom: Weight Loss

DM2 Risk Factors: Family History

DM2 Risk Factors: Impaired Glucose Tolerance (IGT)

The Cost of Excess Fat

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