The Metabolism Clinic

The Metabolism Clinic was founded in 2016 to provided definitive treatment for excess weight, prediabetes, and diabetes (type 2) mellitus.

The Metabolism Clinic

  • Since the opening of the clinic in 2016 patients have traveled from 14 states to be treated at The Metabolism Clinic (Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, New Jersey, Texas, Maryland, Georgia, Washington D.C., South Carolina, & New York).
  • The clinic receives referrals of patients from primary care physicians for diabetes reversal and weight loss, cardiologists for insulin resistant induced high blood pressure, orthopedic surgeons to reduce BMI prior to elective surgeries, sleep specialists for reduced dependence or elimination of sleep apnea, gastroenterologists for treatment of fatty liver.
  • Physicians, nurses, and medical professionals are patients at the clinic. Referred to as “the clinic where the doctors go to get treated” (in 2016 over half of the patients in the clinic were physicians, nurses, and medical professionals).

Treatment at The Metabolism Clinic includes:

  • Physician/Medical Supervision
  • Our physicians are Board Certified in Internal Medicine with specialization in metabolism and diabetes. Frequent medical follow-ups are scheduled both in the clinic and via tele-medicine appointments.
  • Patient-Centered Treatment
  • Past medical history including current medications, in-clinic metabolism measurements, and laboratory analysis allow individualized treatment that is patient specific.
  • Online Resources
  • Patients obtain access to online materials to provide additional resources during treatment.
  • Private Online Group
  • Patients are able to connect with other patients at The Metabolism Clinic for the purpose of creating a positive supportive community atmosphere where sharing is encouraged.

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