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The Metabolism Clinic of Charlotte, North Carolina stands behind our commitment to you and are proud to be leading the way in Weight Loss/ Metabolism Correction and Diabetes Reversal!

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Weight Loss/Metabolism Correction Treatment developed at The Metabolism Clinic in Charlotte, NC is a first of its kind treatment option, specifically designed to target the root causes of Metabolic Dysregulation which leads to excess weight gain and obesity. Metabolism in the human body is the sum of all chemical reactions occurring at any given time. Understanding that these reactions determine the direction of scaled weight gain and more importantly what comprises the weight, are major components in battling metabolic deficiencies and treating them properly.

Our other Main Focus Program is knowing the fact that Diabetes (type 2) Can Be Reversed

The most common misassumption about diabetes (type 2) is that it’s a death sentence and cannot be reversed. The Metabolism Clinic in Charlotte, NC., is combatting this misinformation while treating the insulin resistance responsible for the diabetes (type 2) epidemic in the United States.

The Weight Loss/ Metabolism Correction Treatment and our Diabetes (type 2) Reversal Treatment are changing the way medicine is being practiced.  The treatments target all aspects of the metabolism responsible for controlling weight as well as controlling glucose utilization.

Dr. Andrew D. Timothy (pictured left) and Dr. Hany L. Youssef (pictured right) are highly-trained Board-Certified Internal Medicine and Functional Medicine  physicians.

“No one should have to count calories, starve themselves, engage in extreme dieting practices, use weight loss medications/injections, or succumb to radical gastric surgeries. The Metabolism Clinic does not endorse these outdated and unacceptable practices that promote an abnormal state of metabolism. These practices lack a fundamental understanding of human physiology and can have devastating health consequences.”

Diets send a false message that the body doesn’t recognize. Historically diets have not addressed metabolic deficiencies. They hinder the body’s ability to recognize the root cause effect and mental and physical barrier to metabolic recovery.

Lasting weight loss cannot be measured by exercise alone. Exercise should never be considered as a sole treatment for obesity. Studies have shown that exercise alone, only bears modest results toward permanent weight loss.  This antiquated idea is counterproductive to the understanding that a metabolic recovery program is and should be at the forefront of true and measurable weight loss.

There is no drug cure for the obesity epidemic. The public has been led to believe for far too long, that by simply taking a pill, they will shed excess weight and keep it off forever. In fact, questions about efficiency, safety, and exaggerated results should make the buyer beware, when it comes to these drug therapies with long term weight loss. Metabolic Plateau is one of the most frustrating components for patients striving to lose excess weight through medications. Drugs promote a more pronounced state of abnormality in the metabolism. Patients will regain the weight lost after these medications are discontinued.

The weight loss injection diet comes with major health risks and does not have lasting effects. The HGC (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) diet limits caloric intake to 500 per day and is NOT FDA APPROVED.

The enormous carousel of bariatric procedures and surgeries performed in the U.S. annually have a staggering high percentage of regained weight. They also leave a trail of bleak and dangerous complications as a result of these unnecessary and costly operations.


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